Fabrizio Taddei, future CEO of Margherita Srl, is young, passionate, and insightful. His journey is based on skilled craftsmanship and constant commitment, enriched by a good dose of foresight and love for quality ingredients. Hence grows a desire to bring the taste of the true pizza, like the one prepared in a pizzeria, in Italian homes, when frozen pizza was then a novelty on the food market. Obviously not just a frozen pizza, but the best one, the one that he has learned to prepare in the family restaurant, carefully selecting each ingredient and working the dough with his own hands.

He founds ‘La Pizzeria’, a company that allows him to develop and fine-tune the freezing technique, to study and choose the tastiest and most genuine ingredients, and to learn to understand and master all the variables that affect the leavening process. The constant effort is rewarded: the pizza is quite successful on a national level. It is time to grow more.

Margherita Srl is founded as a family business, with the valuable support of his wife Nadia and his children Sara and Nicola. A family that devotes itself to work with a single objective: to offer an excellent artisan product.

Margherita Srl acquires an important customer in the Swiss market and grows, significantly increasing production. In the same year, an important collaboration is born with Mirko Baldi and Werner Furrer, founders of Swiss company Fresh & Frozen Food AG, which deals with the distribution of food products.

Mirko Baldi and Werner Furrer become partners of Margerita Srl and found Margherita (Schweiz) AG with the goal of expanding the sales network on the international market. The growth continues: acquires the facility of ‘La Pizzeria’, the old company, but it is not enough: new production lines are needed.

At a short distance from the headquarters, the new facility opens, modern and avant-garde, with three production lines and potential for expansion. Margherita Srl boasts three production facilities immersed in the naturalistic scenery of the Venetian Pre-Alps, among hills and vineyards.

The brand

Margherita Srl produces frozen pizzas with the ‘Re Pomodoro’ brand distributed in Italy and abroad. The processing of the pizzas is truly artisanal: the spreading of the dough and the topping are all operations done exclusively by hand; only like this the molecular structure of the dough does not suffer the trauma of an automated production process and allows us a quality standard of the highest level.



town immersed in the
naturalistic scenery
of the Venetian Pre-Alps

Made in Fregona (TV), Italy

The pristine environment of the Cansiglio forest and theCaglieron Caves are the peculiarities of this territory that make the pizza unique. Fregona is in fact a territory of excellence: Torchiato is an example of this, a fortified wine made from dried grapes belonging to particular grape varieties, some of which are grown only in a few areas, including Fregona.


Among pristine
natural reserves



typical fortified wine,
result of tradition


second forest
of Italy


Nature is a puzzle of delicate equilibriums of which man is also a piece. Nothing should be altered: balance must be maintained. It is like a covenant made with nature: all that is given to us is returned through respect for the environment..


Caglieron Caves

pure water
rich in mineral salts

The artisans of pizza

a lot depends from the dough, of course, but the hands, with their warmth and their strength, create the fragrance.

the training and teaching are not simple. Months of studies and tests are made available to those who will have to create the pizza with their hands, up to one year of practice to specialize. The arrangement of the ingredients, every single drop of tomato in the pizza, and even the way the hands hold the dough are all part of the secret of the tastiness of the pizza of Margherita Srl. A secret that every employee knows in all its most hidden facet.

Frozen pizza

A frozen food lasts a long time only and exclusively with cold, without any added additive, and maintains the organoleptic characteristics unaltered until the time of consumption.

reezing is therefore a natural way of preserving food, and our pizza as well is frozen in a short time immediately after cooking, until it reaches a temperature of -20°C at the product’s core. The whole process makes it so that the flavour and the nutritional properties remain unaltered.


We continuously strive to meet the highest quality and safety standards through regular and precise quality controls, to guarantee the customers an excellent product in all stages of development: production, packaging, and transportation. The highest quality standards of the company are documented by the most important certifications:

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