Fantasia di sapori

All the fragrance and flavour of a real pizzeria. The classic Re Pomodoro base enriched with sourdough, hand-stretched and hand-topped by our skilled pizza chefs. Available in a new range of flavours: from the hot, spicy Vulcano to the fresh Mediterranea and from the Tyrolean Montanara to the classic Margherita. All Fantasia di Sapori pizzas come in a single carton or family multipack.

Benefits of the range

Mixture with sourdough

Stretching and topping exclusively by hand

Selection of the best raw materials


Packaging made from 90% recycled materials. Completely recyclable.


340 g


390 g


400 g


410 g

Ham and mushroom

400 g


400 g


400 g


400 g

Margherita X2

680 g (2 x 340 g)

Supermargherita X2

780 g (2 x 390 g)

Vegetarian X2

800 g (2 x 400 g)

Capricciosa X2

820 g (2 x 410 g)

Ham and mushroom X2

800 g (2 x 400 g)

Montanara X2

800 g (2 x 400 g)

Mediterranea X2

800 g (2 x 400 g)

Vulcano X2

800 g (2 x 400 g)

The other ranges

Frozen – Double proofing method

Fresh – Classic method

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