The value of taste

It is the silence of pristine nature.

It is the scent of perfect leavening, of that unique balance that creates fragrance.

It is the authentic taste of the right ingredient, selected among many, the tastiest and most genuine.

It is a hand that stretches out the dough. Every caress is passion, every touch becomes synonymous with tastiness.

It is the visual inspection of the freshly baked pizzas that guarantees maximum confidence.

Each pizza is a story. A love story. And this is the value of taste.

Artisanal production

The puff of flour is the signal: the dough is ready for the transformation. The pizza makers take the dough in their hands, beginning the magic. Vigorous caresses shape the dough, the pizza flies, turns on itself, the crust forms, becomes big, and away to the topping.

The sweet and sour smell of the tomato is freed during its stretching, perfect. Now the pizza is a soft bed, ready to welcome all the ingredients that are arranged with care, so that each slice is equally tasty.

Selection of ingredients

It takes accuracy to choose the ingredients for the pizza. And above all, taste. From the flour to the yeast, to all the flavours of the topping: every element of our pizzas is selected, compared with others of the same type, and tested. Quality is essential, the flavour must be distinct and excellent.


genuine, fragrant,
really tasty.


extra virgin olive oil

the only excellent oil
used for our pizzas.

Cow’s milk

carefully selected among
those made with real milk.


from selected grain

that integrate perfectly
with water and yeast.

Inimitable dough

The wisdom of a floured hand feels the warm and soft surface of the dough. A delicate touch to prove its elasticity and body. A moment of concentration to perceive the scent: that of perfect leavening. And finally, a nod, a confirmation that the dough is ready.

The leavening time follows nature: humidity and temperatures are controlled every day to ensure that the dough grow naturally, without forcing it, the rest time is respected.

Pristine environment
and water rich in mineral salts

The perfect dough is the one that achieves a balance: flour, salt, yeast, temperature, humidity, and water are the forces at play that determine it..

The water rich in mineral salts mixed with the appropriate grains, with the right amount of salt and yeast, make the dough light and crispy.

Cooking and freezing

In less than two minutes of cooking at more than 400°C the pizzas come out of the oven steaming and deliciously fragrant. The pizza maker knows that in the short space of a single moment he must check each pizza: the doneness, the regularity of the shape, the colour of the edges, the arrangement of the ingredients, and every little detail.

The freezing process starts immediately after cooking with the blast chiller, bringing the still hot pizzas to a temperature of -20°C.