Re Pomodoro: real pizzeria flavours in your own home

With the Re Pomodoro brand Margherita s.r.l. wins over catering industry professionals and the general public with its wide range of premium quality frozen and chilled pizzas and snacks. Produced exclusively by hand, from the stretching of the dough to its topping with select raw materials, Made in Fregona (Treviso, Italy) products look and taste just like the finest freshly-based pizzeria pizzas. A product range that has already wowed retailers and consumers with an Italian icon that will delight everyone, from children through to the most demanding palates, with both classic ranges and more sophisticated and gourmet lines. From Retail to Ho.Re.Ca. “The biggest pizzeria in Italy” completes supermarket freezer cabinets, but also the fresh and bakery sections, with premium products, already recognised at international level, like double-leavened pizza, a brand new addition to the market.