Margherita (Schweiz) AG

Margherita (Schweiz) AG, based in Spreitenbach, Switzerland, is a partner and close collaborator of Margherita Srl and it was founded with the aim of creating a team of experts in the international export of high-quality pizzas and snacks.

Margherita (Schweiz) AG has created the brand ‘La Pizza Premium’, which is characterized by an elegant and refined style and represents the added value of the products, highlighting the high level of quality and food wholesomeness.

The aesthetic and compositional choices of the packaging are in line with the will to underline the artisan quality of the products, while maintaining a refined image that meets an international taste and can appeal to different targets.

Every detail is crucial to make the Margherita Srl products understood and to distinguish them from others: from the Italian origin, to the authentic pictures of the pizzas on the packaging, to the use of high quality raw materials, which take a central and prominent position on the packaging.

The importance of the creation process entirely by hand is then represented by the image of a pizza maker at work, spinning the dough.

An added value that underlines the high level of a product which, although frozen, seems to come directly from the producer to the consumers, to savour its fragrance on their own table.

Margherita (Schweiz) AG - Industriestrasse 107 - CH-8957 Spreitenbach
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Our pizzas contain all the flavours of the best Italian culinary tradition. We offer our customers a wide range of products: from the traditional Margherita and Prosciutto pizzas, to the exquisite Mozzarella di Bufala and Tartufata.


Our line of snacks is designed to meet the needs of modern consumers. Our snacks are suitable for every occasion: as a nibble to calm the appetite, as a complete meal, or as a snack to enjoy while walking. Alongside classics like pizzette (tiny pizzas) and calzones, our assortment includes other innovative forms, which inevitably conquer every palate.