Research and development

The passion of the Margherita Srl team is an inexhaustible source of creativity in the realization of new flavours and snacks. The experience of our team is the result of the continuous study of the ingredients, of the variables involved in the leavening and cooking, and of the new technologies which help to perfect the craft of our pizza makers.

The pizzas and snacks of Margherita Srl are supplied to the clients operating in the catering industry. The recipients are many: from hotels, restaurants, cafes, to bakeries and catering companies.

Private label

The production of Margherita Srl is also performed as private label for companies that want to provide their customers with an extremely tasty and naturally good pizza.



Our company has an international presence with a widespread distribution network. Our products are marketed under the brand name ‘Re Pomodoro’ and ‘La Pizza Premium’.