Quality ingredients: selection, excellence and tradition 

Every culinary creation is a work of art that requires passion, expertise, and most importantly, high-quality ingredients. Raw material selection has always been at the heart of our commitment to offering products of the highest quality to our customers.

All raw materials are selected through the concerted efforts of the company’s different departments. It all starts with the R&D team, which is in charge of identifying new toppings or improving existing main ingredients. The Purchasing & Quality department cooperates with R&D and contributes expertise: it is responsible for tasting the different dairy, charcuterie and agri-food ingredients, and visits suppliers frequently to learn more about each ingredient’s peculiarities and potential.

Our commitment to quality also extends to our choice of suppliers. We are extremely selective in the choice of our partners, and only work with those that share our passion for taste and perfection. For this reason, we demand strict quality and safety standards from all our partners.

Once a new raw material has been identified, it is tested by our experts – both as a standalone ingredient and in the finished product – by means of special comparative tests and then standardised through stringent specifications to ensure consistent quality.

Every step of the production process is carefully planned so that each product retains its flavour and properties from the moment it leaves our company to the moment it lands on consumers‘ tables. Additionally, meticulous preservation ensures that all ingredients remain fresh and wholesome, so each pizza retains its authentic taste as when freshly baked.

Margherita Srl’s inventive creativity cannot but stem from full appreciation of the value of Italian cuisine and its techniques and flavours. Tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun, genuine extra virgin olive oil and unmatched flour blends are often the initial inspiration for exploring innovative tastes influenced by international markets, as we are guided by our customers‘ ability to tap into the preferences of pizza lovers all over the world.

Margherita srl stands for excellence in the frozen pizza business. With meticulously selected ingredients, craft production and a commitment to quality throughout every phase of the process, we are able to deliver a unique taste experience with each and every one of our products. Our superior-quality pizzas are guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning customers.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Italy.